Ahuachapán: This Paradise Must Be Explored Soon

I took us almost entire 24 hours in flight from Juhu Aerodrome to Ahuachapán. Ahuachapán is the capital of El Salvador. It is the chief producer of electrical power in El Salvador due to the highest number of geothermal plants present there.

We started our visit with El Impossible National Park as we already had booked a tour in advance with our guide. There were mountains facing with coastal plains along with various springs and rivers that flowed. Later we had brunch at Las Mixtas. We ordered a sloppy sandwich with ice-cold liquids which are basically fresh fruit juices.

Next day we headed off to the ecological center. Following we had a tour for gourmet coffee experience with a travel group. We had a dinner buffet at La Estancia. This restaurant’s building has a colonial look. There were many business folks eating at this restaurant.

Next day we hired a car and drove to Los Ausoles which is around 20kms away from the city. Los Amoles or Los infernillos (which translates to little hells) are a group of hot springs.

On the last day, we have visited Termales De Santa Teresa. It was quite near to our hotel, La Casa de Mamapan. The entrance fee is $10 per person which is inclusive of access to pools. For saunas and mud bathing, we are supposed to pay extra. The manager is quite well versed in English, though the staff just speaks Spanish.  Our kids enjoyed the pools to fullest delight. Food served at their in house restaurant was delicious. Let me make you cautious about bumpy roads. Their pools have varying heat and hot springs were natural. Don’t make it to late as it is difficult to find buses in the late evening.

The colonial building’s structure at Ahuachapán takes you back to the ancient times.