Aix-En-Provence – A Place Where Art Comes To Life

Aix-en-Provence is a beautiful small city in southern France. The place has many fountains, natural springs, gardens, and parks. There are many art galleries and art museums in this city that exhibit paintings, sculptures, and artworks belonging to different ages.  My stay in this gracious city was a tranquil experience. The place is a tribute to several French artists and their valuable contributions.

  • Granet Museum

Located in the quarter Mazarin, the Granet Museum is one of the finest art museums in the city. The main exhibits are paintings and sculptures. You can also find some interesting archaeological relics in this museum. The place is known for its collection of paintings by renowned artists like Jean-Dominique Ingres, Anthony van Dyck, Nicolas De Staël, Alberto Giacometti, and Paul Cézanne.  The antique paintings, sculptures, and the plaque collection can keep you engaged for several hours.

  • Atelier Cezanne

As an art lover, I found this art museum quite fascinating. The place used to be the studio of the popular artist Paul Cézanne. Here you can see a huge collection of paintings by the artist. The place is located on a hilltop and offers great views of the city below.  All the belongings, including the furniture and accessories used by the artist are exhibited in this small museum. The area is surrounded by a beautiful garden and is definitely one of the most tranquil spots in the town.

  • Painters Park

Painters Park or the Terrain des Peintres was the highlight of my Aix tour. The gem of a place is a must-visit destination for nature lovers. The place is located near the museum of Atelier Cezanne. The mountain views from the Painters Park are truly wonderful.  The site also displays Paul Cézanne paintings that depict the scenic views from the spot.  Many contemporary artists visit this historic site that serves as a natural source of inspiration.