Concord – A Fun Place For Adventure Lovers

The Concord is the capital city of New Hampshire, and the place has a plethora of things to entertain you convince you to visit the site again and again. Let’s have a look what are the pleasantest things in Concord from my eyes as I have been to the place before.

Concord is present in the south-central part of the state.

  • Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

I started my trip by the city from here, and you can too do that. Visit six flags hurricane harbor water park either to beat the heat or to have some fun time with family. No matter what your objective is, you will find likeminded people here. The water park has best of thrilling rides, and some are largest in whole Bay area. The park is spread in a large city, so you get ample me time.

  • Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve

The mine area had massive importance during 1850 to 1906, as it was the largest coal-fields in entire California. And now it is a superb hangout place. While walking or driving or bicycling on the beautiful trail here, you will be mesmerized to see the mountains, greenery, a top view of the Bay and nature. The best place to visit the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve is anytime except summers. I find it interesting.

The building was built during 1816 and 1819. This is the state house, and the tour of the place is very informative. The guide will give much interesting information about the situation. The hall of flags, Senate chambers are some of the fascinating things here.

  • Iron Horse Regional Trail

This is one of the fascinating things we find during our tour to Concord, as the trail here is so pleasing. This trail is for pedestrians, horse riders. The trail connects two cities and twelve cities.

Additionally, Concord has much more things to offer. You can enjoy here mouthwatering food, nightclubs, and pleasant weather.