Islamabad – A Capital City Steeped in Cultural Flavors

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Traveling to Pakistan was a unique experience for me and the richness of their tradition is what you unveil since it is not so apparent through the outside world. Islamabad is known to be the capital city of this country. When I came to this city I learned that it was built in the sixties when Karachi was replaced by Islamabad to be the capital of this country.

Geographical Features

I decided to visit based on a chat I had with a friend of mine who works in Charlotte at Southern Star Roofing.  His knowledge of the area and his suggestion I should visit pushed me over the top.  I went for it.  So,  I traveled around I realized that this city is located in the northeastern part of Pakistan; it lies between Margalla Hills National Park and Rawalpindi district, both being close by from this city. The Margalla Pass leads to Punjab and acts as a gateway between the regions.

What to See


  • Faisal Mosque


This is a mosque that has unique architectural features, especially since it is designed as a modern Bedouin tent. When you come to this city, ensure that you plan to visit this mosque.


  • Pakistan Monument


This is a popular landmark and it would surely be part of the guided tour that you take. It is a national landmark and has a museum in it that holds several historic artifacts.


  • Margalla Hills


This was a travel that I enjoyed. The national park located amidst scenic and lush parks proves an ideal day tour; you can even plan to stay in this region since there are several popular resorts here.


  • Daman-e-Koh


This is a landscaped garden as well as includes a lookout point that reveals panoramic views around.

Places to Eat

One of the things you should not miss is the places to eat here. For instance, I stopped by the Omar Khayyam where the Chelo Kebab is a famed offering. I also stopped by a local dhaba by Faisal Mosque and enjoyed the dumplings here called Mantus. When you come by Monal you will also enjoy the cheese naans here that are a specialty.