Make The Best Of Your Vacation In Columbia

Are you planning to spend your vacation in Columbia, South Carolina? Go for it without a doubt, as even I did and you will not regret it at all! This is one city where the modern and the traditional blend with each other in the most perfect way. Although you might get to see modern skyscrapers, you can also relish the sites, some which are centuries old, to get a peek into the history, both of those with the natural beauty surrounding it. It just does not stop there, you can shop for the year around, and I believe that this is the real hot spot in the Southern which you must not just visit once!

What all I did here?

I believe this is not an art museum by itself; in fact, it is a thriving social community that brings together the best of the art lovers in the country thanks to its numerous priceless collections.

  • The Riverbanks Zoo

Did you believe that you can explore the plains of Australia and the lushness of the African Forest in a single day? In the Riverbanks Zoo, you can explore this diversity. It is located adjacent to the Sauda River and once here, I caught the sight of Koalas, lions, giraffes and much more wildlife.

  • Canal Park

If you are looking to explore one of the best jogging or biking tracks in the country, then you must head for a session here. Known for its calm and tranquility, this is an amazing place not only to jog, but also to sit, relax and meditate. The greenery, it offers when touched by the bright sun provides an experience like no other.

To reach Columbia, one can grab a flight of any major city in the United States. Alternatively, you can either grab a train or come through your own transportation if you are up for a road trip as a plus!