Medina – The Extravagant City

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After the Mecca, this is the second largest Islamic religious place where citizens head for their prayers and offerings. The flamboyant tourist attractions around here are very fascinating for the tourists and especially the religious communities. The most tourists found in these cities are mostly during their cultural festivals, which are a celebration for a period of over a month and are celebrated on a very large scale. If you are visiting in summers, then you will surely get to be a part of it and experience all those embezzled offerings. Here are some of my recommendations that you could go to for visiting the Medina.

Masjid E Nabawi

After the prophet arrived into this city, this mosque is the very first monument he was responsible for creating around here. The mosque is the largest after the Grand Mosque and also holds very religious importance among the pilgrims and their citizens. The architectures around the city are absolutely exuberant and something you will find vividly solemn, maybe it is the atmosphere or the people but the city is very warm in its behavior. You will also find ancient artifacts around the markets in the city and spices in the old souk.

Mount Uhud

Mountain Uhud is the highest mountain peak around the whole country; it is over ten kilometers away from the mainland city and will take you more than an hour because the way to the mountains is pretty rugged. Once you reach there you can spot far stretch desserts. They offer you paragliding sports for the same, one guide will be with you through your ride and it is going to be a thirty-five-minute ride, though the landscapes are really beautiful, but the hear too is strong so make sure you are well hydrated.