Otavalo: Make Your Vacation Better

Otavalo with Imbabura in the backgroundThe place which hoists fifty thousand inhabitants, which is very well known for the Otavalos, who are the indigenous people and is the moving population which goes from one place to another and sell their crafts made from hands along with playing music which might be considered as the reason for being the best economically stable group of indigenous people population characterized with both the sexes fluidly keeping their hair and the dark hues ponchos and skirts from the whole of Latin America.

The transportation costs here are usually the same across the town; especially the taxis are very, very cheap, costing only about $1 per way. These taxis might also be used to travel outside the boundaries if the town.

The things that might be considered to be experienced when around Otavalo are:

  • Sucre and Jaramillo
  • Peguche Waterfall
  • Imbabura Mountain
  • San Pablo
  • Cerro Cayambe
  • Cotacachi  Village and Mountain
  • Cuicocha Lake
  • Muse Vivante/ Museo Del Pueblo Kichwa

The places to stay for travelers include hotels like Otavalo Prince, Casa Mojanda, and Hacienda Cusin. Now there are a lot of things to do around the area of Otavalo as a traveler if you like the outdoors and the surrounding mountains.  Luke, a friend from Florida, who is partnered with an old friend and runs one of the top CBD oil companies in the US, is an avid hiker and outdoorsman.  He loves getting out of Florida and traveling in places like this; said it is a great location to visit if you can make the time.

Go on souvenir shopping for your memories and friends and family along with eating the traditional food or almost any food like a simple sweet bread from a bakery that should cost about twenty to thirty cents per piece. The best way to go around or reach Otavalo   is by using a bus, which is both convenient and cheap in money terms. It would be a good pointer to note that weekend day Saturday is the best day for a market outing and a Wednesday is the probable second best day of the week for a market shopping wherein the artisan market opens at seven in the morning and ends at six in the evening.