What to do on Your Holiday to Sihanoukville?

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Sihanoukville is located in the southern part of Cambodia and is known for the unspoiled beaches and clear waters. It is a very good place to visit for everyone looking to relax and unwind from the busy office life. I found that the city of Sihanoukville to suit my travel interests as it had perfect islands, thrilling water sports, great nightlife, and other natural attractions.

Major Attractions of Sihanoukville


  • Kbal Chhay Waterfalls


This is a natural waterfall that is at its best during the rainy season from July to October. This is when you get to see cascading waterfalls falling in multi-layers. I took a dip in this cool water. The best part is that I took a joyful ride on the tuk-tuk to visit this famous tourist spot.  


  • Splash Party Water Park


If you are traveling with your kids, then do not miss to visit this water park. It is very close to Otres beach. There is an obstacle course on the floating water that has trampolines, slides, swing ropes, and ladders to keep the children engaged for long.


  • Koh Rong Island


It is a very attractive and picturesque island that has unlettered white sands and clear waters. This Island offers travelers a perfect option to unwind and relax. I thoroughly enjoyed basking in the sun with my sunscreen lotion on and also did take a plunge in the sea water.


  • Otres Market


I am a night bird and found this marketplace buzzing. It is a great place to shop and to enjoy a wide range of mouthwatering local and international delicacies and drinks. There is also interesting music and live band shows on offer every Saturday.


  • Bamboo Island


This is a very secluded island that is hidden in the lap on nature. I took a ferryboat ride from Ochheuteal beach to get to his gem of a place. The crystal blue water and the golden sands welcome de me and I spent an entire day on the beach and the bars around it.