What To Do When You Are In Aachen?

If you would like to explore the architectural brilliance, art pieces, old markets, and to know more about the history of a place like me, then you should include the town of Aachen on the visit to Germany. I am happy to have visited this interesting town that is close to the Belgian and Dutch borders. Some of the attractions that I thoroughly enjoyed taking a look at in Aachen are given below.

  • The Aachen Cathedral Treasury

There are plenty of precious relics that are found in this treasury. It is where you get to see some of the Middle Age treasures and sacred religious relics. This place opened my eyes to the rich cultural importance of Aachen. It is considered to be one of the best medieval artwork collection churches in the whole of Europe.

  • Couven Museum

This museum was established in 1958. An old burgher’s house called Haus Monheim was converted into the museum. The interiors used in the house are from 1740 to 1840 and are pleasing to the eyes. The articles and the décor used in the upper-middle-class homes from that period are kept in this museum for the visitors to get to know more about their décor tastes and their artwork.

  • The Carlous Therme Day Spa

If you have heard a lot of the Romans thermal water pools, then you get to try one on your visit to Aachen. This pool is an inspiration from the ancient pools and was thrown open to the public in 2001. It is now a modern spa with all the latest amenities. Its theme is ‘health by water’ and I thoroughly enjoyed an oriental bath at this pool. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor pools at the Carlous Therme for you to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.